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Land of Wissembourg

Logo Pays de WissembourgEnchanting villages

Seebach, Hunspach, Drachenbronn, Birlenbach, Schleithal, Bremmelbach, Ingolsheim, Niederseebach
Cross the rich villages of the agricultural plain, the rural world will open to you and make share its joy of living.

The Country of Wissembourg is a magnificent concentrated of rural Alsace. Do not forget to pass by the charming villages of the vineyard, by Ingolsheim and his impressive farms of the XIXth century before returning to Hunspach and Seebach. Extend then your road by Schleithal, the longest village-street of Alsace then towards Drachenbronn and Birlenbach until Schoenenbourg. On the forehead(front) of the Maginot line, these last villages saved(spared) by the last second world war, kept(preserved) a traditional character with remarkable sets(groups) half-timbered houses of the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries.

It is here, in Outre-Forêt that beats the heart of traditional Alsace, with its customs, its folklore, its still very usual dialect particularly in the Alsatian theater.

This is the country of the picturesque villages. Classified among the most beautiful villages of France, Hunspach and Seebach are famous for their half-timbered white houses, with their roofs with canopies, thei convew windows... carefully maintained and flowered. It is in Seebach that is worn the most beautiful costume of Alsace in particular the day of the marriage reconstitued "Streisselhochzeit" in July.