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Situated in the northeast of France, next to Switzerland and Germany, Alsace benefits from a position favored at the heart of Europe. She counts 1,7 million inhabitants and consists of two departments, the Haut-Rhin in the South and the Bas-Rhin in the North. Its size, 190 km long and 50 km wide, returns its easy discovery. It remains a region in human scale (8 280 km ²) where gets involved a big variety of landscapes: forests, valleys, plains, summits... Alsace is one of the most dynamic and the most prosperous regions of France. With its border position, Alsace is placed in the crossroads of the European economy on the Rhenish axis. She is endowed with modern infrastructures which allow her to be a zone of very intense exchange between the North and the South of Europe.

  • Departements : Bas-Rhin (prefecture : Strasbourg) and Haut-Rhin (prefecture : Colmar)
  • Surface area : 8 280 km² that is 1,5 % of the French territory
  • Population : 1 900 000 inhabitants
  • Density : 224 inabitants per km²
  • Highest Point : Le Grand Ballon (1424 m height)

Alsace has an impressive historical heritage! Fortified castles, Maginot line, fortifications, churches, vestiges of the first one and the World War II. Alsace of the North where is situated Wissembourg counts numerous centers of interests: castle of Fleckenstein, works and bunkers of the Maginot line, the museums of history and popular art. The Romanic road of Alsace and the Wine Route also pass to Wissembourg. Alsace is also renowned for its traditions and its gastronomy. So the potteries of Betschdorf and Soufflenheim propose jugs for the wine or the terrines to Baeckeoffe. The costume is also an important element of local traditions.Many beautiful festivities are numerous opportunities to see it worn.